9 Best VR Headsets for Your Travel App

Listen up, globetrotters and wanderlusters alike! Traveling around the real world remains a thrill. Yet, occasionally, reality sort pales in comparison with what’s feasible in Virtual Reality. Ah, VR, that magical realm of untapped opportunities. Now, not all VR headsets serve up the same slice of wonder. I mean, come on, who wants to traipse through the virtual Louvre with a goggle contraption that’s heavier than your Aunt Gertrude’s fruitcake? So, lean back. We’ve got you covered with nine sublime VR headsets. These babies will not only make your jaw drop but are optimal for travel apps too. Ergo, real travel, and virtual escapades mesh perfectly. Talk about a package deal, eh?

1. Oculus Quest 2

First up, the Oculus Quest 2, is often touted as the kingpin of portable VR. This bad boy’s got zilch cables. Zero. Nada. You could do a pirouette with this on your noggin and not strangle yourself. And trust me, you’ll want to dance when you check out its top-notch travel apps. If you’ve got the Quest 2 snug on your dome, you’ve gotta try “Wander.” This app lets you explore Google Street View but makes it feel like you’re really there. Who needs plane tickets when you’ve got VR?

2. HTC Vive Cosmos

Next in line is the HTC Vive Cosmos. Sounds spacy, right? Well, this powerhouse delivers imagery so sharp you’ll forget you’re not actually in the French Riviera. A tad pricey, but hey, who said opulence comes cheap? On the Vive Cosmos, we recommend “Google Earth VR.” Picture this: soaring over the Grand Canyon or shimmying atop the Eiffel Tower. Hey, you could even visit your own house and marvel at how small it looks from up high.

3. PlayStation VR

Now, gamers who worship at the altar of Sony, bow down to the PlayStation VR. Mind you, this isn’t a one-trick pony. Delve into scenic travel apps that are as engaging as fighting off a zombie apocalypse. Notably, it does need a PS4 or PS5. But let’s be real, you probably own one anyway.

For the PS VR, “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR” isn’t precisely a travel app. Still, you do traverse a fantasy realm, which is sorta like vacationing if you’re a nerd. Don’t pretend you’re not.

4. Samsung Odyssey

Okay, Microsoft fanboys, you too can join the VR fiesta! The Samsung Odyssey runs on Windows Mixed Reality. Travel apps on this headset aren’t merely cool; they’re downright Arctic. However, it needs a decent PC. So, leave your grandma’s Windows 98 computer outta this.

“Blueplanet VR” is the jam for Odyssey users. Engage with earth’s wonders without even leaving your living room. You can go from zero to nature hero in the span of a few minutes.

5. Google Daydream

Now, if you’re budget-conscious (or just flat broke after splurging on bubble tea), Google Daydream might tickle your fancy. Less sophisticated, sure. But what this little gadget lacks in frills, it compensates with affordability. Ideal for when your travel dreams exceed your bank balance.

Check out “VR Cities” on Daydream. Okay, not gonna lie, this one’s a bit like an entry-level travel app, but if you’ve opted for a budget headset, you probably don’t mind.

African family father and son playing a game using VR Headsets.

6. Pimax 5K Plus

Here’s one for the tech aficionados. The Pimax 5K Plus presents an ultra-wide field of view. Quite simply, you get to ogle more stuff in your virtual periphery. Caveat: It’s far from light. You could build biceps just by wearing this behemoth.

“Virtuix Omni” pairs well with the Pimax 5K Plus. This setup is like a treadmill for VR. So you can walk through Rome while actually walking in your garage. How’s that for killing two birds?

7. Varjo Aero

Another mouthful to pronounce, the Varjo Aero delivers human-eye resolution. Thus, you can count the leaves on a virtual tree if you’re into that sort of thing. This baby’s luxurious. Just make sure you’ve got the pennies saved up.

“VR Travel” on the Varjo Aero is a marvel. Considering how pricey the headset is, you’d expect nothing less. Roam through virtually recreated historical sites. Seriously, it’s so lifelike you might accidentally learn something.

8. Oculus Go

For those seeking simplicity, the Oculus Go should be a go-to. It’s the everyman of VR headsets. Not too complicated, not too shabby. Ideal for dipping your toes into the virtual world without sinking your wallet into oblivion.

“Alcove” is a family-oriented virtual world for Oculus Go users. Visit exotic locations and even bring your family into the virtual sphere. It’s like a holiday get-together without the awkward silences.

9. Lenovo Mirage Solo

Last but definitely not least, the Lenovo Mirage Solo. No phone or computer is needed. Hoorah! It stands alone like a lone wolf, yet delivers travel experiences that’ll keep you howling for more.

“Hello Mars” on Lenovo Mirage Solo is worth every penny. Journey through Mars, in case you want to know what it’s like to travel and not see another soul for miles.

More Tips

If you’re new to VR, do remember that less is more. Seriously, no one’s handing out awards for spending eight hours straight in VR. Except maybe a nausea-induced timeout.


That wraps up our trip through the cosmos of VR headsets ideal for travel apps. Whether you’re a casual globetrotter, a hardcore gamer, or someone just looking for a virtual break from reality, there’s a VR headset out there just waiting to sweep you off your feet.

Anything missing? Well, you might wanna toss in some user reviews for extra spice. Maybe even a snazzy infographic comparing specs, or a sidebar with sassy pro tips. But honestly, with this lineup, the only thing you’ll truly miss is your grip on reality!

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