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A Game of Chess: What Can It Teach You?

A Game of Chess

Well, chess has long been the A Game of Chess of geniuses, gentleman, philanthropists and other gifted fellows. This has formed a very wide misconception around the word that just the geniuses and gifted people can play this game and it is severely designed for them.

Well, the truth of chess is different, it actually is a very beneficial pastime, because playing chess outcomes in better brain function, enhanced memory and cognitive capabilities, strategic thinking and even attention improvement.  Even if you don’t know how to play it you can take up online chess coaching  and start playing this wonderful game.  

Boost your Brain Function

The brain is absolutely amazing, it is responsible for your mental performance and it is the most critical organ in the human body. When the brain has no sort of stimulation, the cells inside gradually die, it is an example of in case if you do not really use it, you lose it, however, chess is a great tool that gives the players a hard mental workout. 

Have a quick example here to understand this thing better. To get the most advantage from a physical workout or exercise activity, you require to exercise both the left as well as right sides of your body. Researches show that so as to play chess well, being a player you must develop and utilize your brain’s left hemisphere that deals with object recognition, and the right hemisphere, that deals with pattern recognition. 

With time , thanks to the rules and even techniques involved in the game, playing chess is going to effectively exercise and develop not one but even both hemispheres of your brain. Scientists even claim that playing chess may enhance your mental age by up to even fourteen years!

Enhanced cognitive capabilities 

Cognitive capability is a quite broad term, it encompasses perception, language, motor, visual and spatial processing and executive functions. This is a huge list and it includes almost everything that you do. For example with executive type of function you can easily and immediately recognize that. The thing in front of you is quite square shaped and not round. When playing chess, each cognitive capability is stimulated because the game covers each and every part of your actions. So the next time you see chess players playing, ponder about the exercise they’re going through.

Overall strategic thinking

Chess is believed to be a strategy game, this simply means that in order to win. You should have a better plan of action than your overall opponent. But no one is actually born with the capability to conceive great strategic moves, it should be learned by practicing. To most of the people, strategy is linked to war and army generals planning. Their overall attacks with strategic moves, such an example is not far from chess.

Just like a general commands their army, a chess player simply commands. His or her own game pieces in a fight of black and white.  So playing chess massively enhances the capability to develop certain strategies and plans. And indeed, this is not just useful to army generals as well as chess players. A great strategic mind is a lot more productive. Because it forms up the finest plan of action for daily task. 


To sum up, you can check out online chess training options and start learning! You will definitely experience a great change in your overall mental capabilities.

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