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An overview of vitrified tiles


Vitrified tile falls into the category of a non-porous tile, that is commonly used for vitrified flooring. It is an ideal replacement for granite or marble flooring and is available in numerous designs along with shades. When you opt for Kajaria vitrified tiles buy Chennai it is low porosity and the hardness is on the higher side.

In the last few years, these forms of tiles have gone on to create a unique identity of their own. Numerous reasons are there why the clients opt for these types of tiles. In terms of the lookout, it has a definite edge over the other type of available tiles in the market. This has to be the precise reason why the tile is popular among the users and the tile providers. So let us figure out the reasons why these tiles turn out to be a valuable addition to your premises.

They are durable and strong

Just like the clay tiles, they are formulated from mud, as there are indispensable components in the form of quartz, feldspar and silica. The moment you heat them at a high temperature, the components are known to dissolve flawlessly and then formulate into a glass-type item. For this reason, the tiles become strong and amazing. A special feature of the tiles is that there are known for their stain opposition and water ingestion.

In addition, there exists adaptability when it comes to texture, shape or design. They are strong and solid, with an adaptable fit, plan and surface. As indicated by vitrified tiles prices in Chennai, a similar explanation is provided, they are considered to be a notable option when it comes to regular deck items like the clay tiles.

Scope for customization

Inside originators and tile providers love these forms of tiles for the reason that they can deal with a superior level of customization. They are tiles that can be modified to any type of surface, like a block surface, shiny stone, or even a wood surface. The best part is that these tiles are accessible in reflexive and matte complexion. These are tiles, that are going to provide a lot of features, and you may curb the viewpoints based on your desires.

Simple installation

The tile providers go on to suggest that the vitrified tiles are not that difficult to install. It happens to be a slender version than the normal partners, these tiles are available in pre-cleaned and the design is to be utilized properly. It is a lot dissimilar to the other type of choices that do take a couple of times to be set, they are tiles that are able to tolerate footing traffic when a couple of long stretches is being laid.

The reasons to fall in love with vitrified tiles

In the market, one of the popular types of tiles happens to be vitrified tiles. Just like the name sounds these tiles undergo a process that is referred to as vitrification. Basically, it is the process where you go on to develop low porosity onto the tile. They turn out to be a glazed form of tiles that are water resistant, indicating that it is not going to absorb water easily. For this reason, it turns out to be a great choice for walls that are prone to water spills.

Due to the unique features of the tiles that is preferred over granite, marble and other tile choices. If you are still wondering whether this form of tile is the right one for your home there are a few pointers that enable you to arrive at the correct decision.

  • Non-porous and glossy-the manufacturing of these tiles take place with clay and silica. The clay that is mixed is treated at a high temperature, to develop a unique mixture of vitrified tiles. Due to this reason, the surface of the tile is non-porous and glossy. Even there is no need to give any extra treatment to make it look shiny. Even the tiles can be laid down without any extra form of sealing.
  • Stain resistant- these tiles are known to possess a strong texture, the moment you compare it to other options like granite, marble etc. For this reason, it is highly resistant to scratches or any form of stains.
  • Steadfast shades- these tiles when exposed to sunlight, heat or electricity is not going to shade away. The only thing you need to do is to maintain it as they are going to look new without any form of chipping or the colour fading too.
  • Thickness- at a generic level, the tiles are known to have a thickness of 10 to 12 mm which is similar to the other form of flooring options like granite or marble. So these are the form of tiles that can withstand a heavy degree of wear and tear, along with high footfalls like a natural stone.
  • Durable- When you compare it to the popular options in the market vitrified tiles have a longer life. It is one of the main reasons why people resort to the use of these tiles in the market.
  • Easy installation- the process of installing these tiles turn out to be an easy one. They are known to weigh lighter than a natural stone that does make it easy for them to be transported. Since these tiles are available with a glossy surface, no longer you need to spend time in polishing or cleaning the tiles. This is once you have laid the tiles as you can use these tiles just after a couple of days after their installation.

To conclude the thing that can be assured when you use these tiles is superior quality. There are reliable suppliers who end up providing you with the best quality material. Each tile is quality checked before it reaches out to the end consumer. They seem to be perfect in terms of thickness , colour or size. These are the characteristics that provide a pristine look to the tiles.

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