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The astro a10 Headset’s damage-resistant polycarbonate mix is wrapped around a headband made of sturdy anodized aluminum, so it can withstand wins, losses, and everything in between.
Comfort: In order to play for as long as you wish in total comfort, extended comfort memory foam ear cushions prevent you from becoming tired.
Communication: You and your teammates can always hear each other clearly and correctly thanks to the omnidirectional mic’s flip-up mute feature and in-line Volume Control.

Sound Quality: The A10’s immersive and accurate audio is tuned for gaming and is presented just as the sound designers intended. Your voice communication is precise and low latency, so you’re constantly in sync.
Great Headset for the price! My Xbox headset died, so I needed something better than earbuds for my gaming, and I was able to purchase mine for about $30 during Prime Day. Since I occasionally have the ability to game, I was never able to justify the cost of the more expensive, big, showy models. However, they perform just well, and I’ve even taken them on business trips for meetings and certification preparation.

Comfort if they fit :

Comfort if they fit: To be clear, the ear cups on these more recent Generation 2 headphones fit there comfortably, and I love that they can be taken off and cleaned as opposed to the earlier models that were simply glued on. However, they still sound great, and they feel lighter than the Generation 1 models. In spite of the fact that their long cable can fit my huge head, the majority of systems’ headphone hardly rest on my ears due to my large head and the headband’s relative shortness. These are excellent budget-friendly gaming headsets, however you should be aware that they These are good low-cost gaming headsets, though you should be aware that they are made of plastic and that some people may be rather aggressive. The comfort and sound quality are decent, and at $60, I can’t really complain.
One individual found this useful.
Echo: When I “switch” the microphone, my game volume or party, if I’m in one—whether it’s an Xbox party or a discord party—starts playing. Nothing seems to work to cure it despite my attempts to fiddle with my settings. (pc)

Very impressed :

Set fits perfectly (although I do have a small head) The audio in the game is excellent, and my friends remark on how clear my microphone is. Additionally, when I become really aroused, it reduces my voice. Even with my mic on the lowest setting, my earlier headphones would blast out my eardrums! It has a great aesthetic appeal, and since my house is completely decorated with MCM items, leaving it out in a public area doesn’t worry me too much. I typically play video games for four hours straight, and the set is comfortable.

Great sound but average comfort:

Black and blue wired ASTRO A10 model. excellent sound for the money. Mics are also nice, but their main drawback—the very indestructible plastic headband—makes them difficult to wear for extended periods of time (at least for me). If you want to use these headphones all day, you might find the more expensive Astro models to be a better investment.
Like other reviewers, I discovered that in order for stereo (both speakers) and the mic to function, the 3.5 mm cable needs to be firmly inserted into the headset. The wire is not fully inserted if only one of the headset speakers makes sound.

The headset functions flawlessly with the Xbox Series SX connected to the controller, and the gaming tuning of Astros is excellent. It almost feels like a cheat to use the Fortnite and A10s Spatial headphone 3D feature. Extremely accurately, you could hear behind, above, and both. Compared to other 2.0 standard headphones I’ve tried. Additionally, the Dolby Atmos app for Xbox works flawlessly with movies and games on the A10s.

astro a10 Cappelli e for fora so no include Nel Prezzo:

The first order I received had brand-new cookies that had a defect in the jack. I requested a response and had the item re-delivered. When it arrived, the package was partially open, without a bollino covering the scatola’s opening, and the cookies were without cellophane (al contrario di quelle che mi erano arrivate difettate) The hair on the cake is someone else’s forelock and other schifo; it’s unfortunate because I paid for them as new. I have requested a refund.

astro a10 Would not recommend:

The headset’s overall sound quality is among the greatest I’ve ever experienced at its pricing point. That is essentially the only positive aspect of it.

astro a10 has no mute button on the cable

so you must either manually mute it in your settings each time. Or pay an additional £30–40 on the M40 mix amp that. Astro sells separately if you want to silence the headset when you don’t want to chat.
I don’t find the headset to be at all comfortable. The ear covers are passable, but they are highly conspicuous and quickly begin to bother your ears. The headband’s padded portion, however, is awful. What good is a headset if you can’t wear it for lengthy gaming sessions? It provides zero comfort or cushion and after 30 to 1 hour feels like it’s crushing your skull.
The microphone itself comes last. I’m not sure if my set was faulty or not, but for some reason, they have awful sound amplification. Although I had the microphone essentially in my mouth at this point in an effort to be heard. My friends frequently comment that I sound very quiet or that they could not hear a word I said.

I experimented with the settings on my Xbox and. My PC to see if I could make any changes that could improve it. But I was still unable to resolve the issue.
Sound/Mic Not Working?
I purchased these headphones (PS4 version) and. When they arrived and I tried to use them. I could only hear out of one side and the microphone did not work at all. I tried unplugging/plugging back in etc. and reached out to Amazon customer. Support who was not able to to fix it so they. Sent me a replacement and I sent back the “faulty” pair. Well, when the new pair showed up, I had the exact same.

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