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Best Bidet Attachments and Converter Kits


sanitary way to get yourself clean after using the toilet? Bidets are bathroom fixtures providing a stream of water to wash clean after you finish up. And even better, these days you can source a bidet converter kit for your existing toilet saving you the need to plumb in or remodel your bathroom. Furthermore, you’ll find bidet converter kits easy to fit and cost-effective, saving you the need for plumbing or remodeling. 

Originally, bidets were only common in the Eastern part of the world. However, over the years, bidets have also become more popular in the western world and other regions. They provide a thorough cleaning experience, making them a great alternative to toilet paper. 

How the bidet attachment works

Installing an attachment to a bidet may be easier than you think. All you have to do is remove the toilet seat, open the valve to close the toilet water source, and remove the pipe that you put in the toilet tank, says James Lin, founder of e-commerce retailer BidetKing, a retail site. bidet products.

The bidet must bring an adapter that you will attach to the water source. This will drain the water through the bidet pipe before it reaches the toilet tank. The same water you wash and rinse with, so you don’t wash yourself with dirty toilet water. Then simply replace the toilet seat, which will completely close the base of the attachment, so the only visible part will be the nozzle that extends slightly below the seat.

“Electronic seats are very sophisticated,” Lin told BuzzFeed News. “But as for installing them, they get water the same way.”

Electric bidet toilets require an exit position unlike non-electrical attachments, which only connect to your water source. Not everyone has an outlet near the toilet, but you can use an extended cord or electrician to install a new outlet raven gadgets.

Electric bidet seats have the added comfort of warmth, in water and in the real seat, unlike other attachments, which provide only cold water. Some bidet attachments can connect to your hot water source, although they are similar to water in your sink or shower, it can take a few seconds to heat up, which means the first contact will be cold water.

Both options have the same bidet spouts that shoot water at an angle from the back of the toilet to your bum (wherever you like). Many are also adjustable to ensure you get the right angle. Or, if you want a straightforward and controlled bath, you can find a hand-held bidet spray on or near the toilet.

Although Rajapaksa and Cabeca have agreed that bids are not important and will not cure or cure anything, they may be a more comfortable and less irritating option if it is your choice.

An easy to install bidet converter kit

One thing customers say about this bidet kit is that it is super easy to install. You can install yours within a few minutes, thanks to the accessories and detailed instructions that come with it. This kit comes with a main water supply adapter, 34’’ hose pipe, rubber washer, and two adapter washers for easy and proper installation. No special tools are required.

Multi-functional features for your convenience 

You can easily rotate this bidet to the left or right to control water pressure. This is very useful for older adults or if you have children. This retractable nozzle extends downward to spray water. It also shrinks automatically to its google pixelbook 12in original position when closed. 

The brand also has an easy DIY installation guide which means you don’t need to spend money getting a plumber. If you encounter any problems with your bidet, the brand provides aftersales support and an 18-month warranty. 

Bidets can help you save toilet paper

There are other perks of bidets. You can save money on toilet paper, and cutting back on toilet paper is also good for the environment. (After you rinse, you generally need just a bit of toilet tissue to pat dry, unless there’s a dry function that lets you avoid the need for toilet paper altogether.)

Americans make up only 4% of the world’s population yet are responsible for 20% of global toilet paper consumption. The average American uses over 140 rolls. or about 28 pounds, of toilet paper per year. Making the country the world’s leader in toilet paper consumption. Less than 2% of this market is made up of recycled products.

This toilet paper usage and production leads to the “degradation of forests across the southeastern US,” according to the advocacy group Environment America.

Bidets may also be less likely to spread bacteria. In one 2022 study published in the Journal of Water and Health. 32 participants used toilet paper or an electric toilet seat with water spray after a bowel movement. The researchers found that the study subjects had fewer bacteria on their. Hands with the use of the bidet than with toilet paper.

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