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Electric Head Shaver or Manual Razors: A comparison

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Picking the ideal head shaving tool can be tricky owing to the wide range of options and people’s unique preferences. There’s no one type fits all in this context. Head shaving is quite a personal activity that has no one definite way to be done. For instance, some prefer to have a wet shave with basic pre-preparations followed by aftercare.

On the other hand, some like to opt for a dry shave and get done within a few minutes. Therefore, one cannot label a specific head shaving tool or process to be the best. However, this blog draws a brief comparison between a modern head shaver and a traditional razor for readers to decide on their own. 

The evolution of head shavers 

Bald hairstyles have been common over the years with many people shaving their heads due to varied reasons like hair loss problems, genes, social norms, etc. However, the popularity of shaved heads and their prevalent association with fashion is recent and gaining high momentum. Young and middle-aged men are willingly shaving their heads for styling purposes.

This quirky association of shaved heads with fashion has impacted the market for shaving essentials significantly. With more and more people going bald, the need for modern and easy-to-use shaving tools increased too. As a result, you can now find the market flooded with a variety of shaving tools and products. 

In the earlier days when bald hairstyles were not a fashion thing, people used manual razors and blades to shave their heads. While these traditional razors were a little inconvenient to use and did not offer a smooth shave in one go, people somehow managed. But this didn’t go down well with most people who wanted a convenient way to head shaving.

The grooming brands could observe this demand and therefore came with modern head shavers that were an upgrade to manual head razors. At present, you can find a variety of electric head shavers that guarantee a smooth and effortless shave. The best head shaver is ergonomically designed with smooth shave technology and aims at easing the head shaving efforts. 

Differentiating factors between electric head shaver & manual razor 

Electric head shavers are an upgrade to traditional razors. The reason behind the launch of modern head shavers was to combat the shortcomings and inconvenience offered by traditional head razors. The issues faced by people while head shaving using a manual head razor were thoroughly acknowledged before developing an electric head shaver. Hence, there’s no doubt that modern head shavers outweigh the practicality and benefits offered by traditional head razors. The following listed are some differentiating factors between a head shaver and a traditional razor: 

  • Shaving quality: Using a manual head razor gives a close shave; however, it can lead to deep cuts and bruises due to the unevenly sharp blades. On the contrary, a modern head shaver gives a smooth, quick, and effortless shave with minimal risks of cuts and burns. The rotary razor blades are soft and glide across the head surface easily. You don’t have to be extra cautious with the blades while using a modern head shaver. 
  • Versatility: In comparison to manual head razors, electric head shavers are 100% versatile and offer great flexibility. Whether in terms of design, usability, or portability, electric head shavers offer great convenience. These are easy to use and facilitate both wet and dry shaves. The compact design of these razors with a travel lock ensures shaving on the go. One can have a quick grooming session anytime, anywhere they want. 
  • Economical: Some people argue that traditional head razors are a more economical alternative to head shaving as compared to modern head shavers. These people fail to acknowledge the long-term and constant benefits offered by a modern head shaver. Unlike manual razors, these head shavers can last up to years without requiring any maintenance as such. The upfront costs of modern head shavers may be high but their long-term benefits quite justify them. 
  • Ease of shaving: A key factor that has contributed to the growing popularity of modern head shavers over manual razors is the ease of shaving that it offers. Head shaving is often perceived to be a hectic process that involves a series of pre and post-shave care to ensure a smooth shave. All of these efforts can be minimized by using a modern head shaver that gives a. Smooth have without requiring much preparation or care as such. 

There You Go! 

Now that you know the varied factors that differentiate traditional. And modern head shavers, it’s time for you to decide for yourself. Although the modern and advanced tool appears as the best head shaver, there’s no compulsion to it. One should pick the right shaving tool depending on the type of shave. They want and most importantly, the time they can afford to put into it. However, it’s always better to go for upgraded tools as. They are likely to be efficient, time-saving, and economical in the long run. 

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