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Find out the most significant places to witness a beautiful Gospel in Harlem.


Harlem is known for its rich African-American culture and heritage and is considered one of the most vibrant places adjacent to New York City in the United States.

The place is mainly shrouded by historical sites and churches that blare with incredible jazz and gospel music, and one can enjoy authentic juicy soul food in a great atmosphere. This place always has a great atmosphere encompassing it – compared to any other area of ​​New York City, USA.

You may even notice tree-lined brownstone houses and live African-style drumming circles in some alleys and further down the road. Even you can discover innovative art that positively steps away from ancient African antiquity.

It’s an area you don’t have to escape to explore; if you have an interest in music. Then you can take the help of a guide to experience the best of Harlem walking tours by booking Harlem Gospel Choir tickets for the best chorus gospel music gold.

Venues which you can select for the Harlem Gospel choir tickets: –

1st Corinthian Baptist Church

This large church house on the site of an old cinema is well known for its welcoming congregation (with around 7000 members) a casual atmosphere, energetic services, and great music, principally its choir. No matter what your religion, race, or age is, it is a must-visit place with great appreciation and worship and spiritual teachings, and wisdom. Since the sitting arrangements are finite being a traveler you’ve to reach first.

Booking time for Gospel Choir: – 7:30 am, 9:30 am, and 11:30 am only on Sundays.

Address: – 1912 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd., at 116th St. 2, 3, B, C Subway to 116th Street.

Canaan Baptist Church

Along with dynamic preaching, it illustrates its services as “Afro-centric,” emotional participation of the congregation, and inspirational singing. Indeed, the church has multiple renowned choirs that perform spirituals, gospel, and worship songs as part of the services. Its services are intentionally passionate and full of life with the traditional African-American religious experience.

The musical duet, with Gospel and dynamic preaching, creates a worship experience that is intellectually challenging and emotionally satisfying.

Booking time for Gospel Choir: – 10 am only on Sundays.

Bethel Gospel Assembly

The Bethel Gospel Assembly church is located in the heart of Harlem. This place has been a cornerstone of the Harlem community since its founding on 1917 November 18. 

Situated as an abandoned public junior high school, it also covers a lot of services like preaching, singing, and dancing, and can be a very moving experience. The church warmly greets and cheers visitors attend.

Booking time for Gospel Choir: – 8 am and 11:30 am on Sunday & 6:45 pm on Wednesday.

Outside of Harlem – other Churches where you can listen to a Jazz Gospel music program.

Times Square Church 

Set-near the former Broadway theatre, it describes itself as the ‘Ministry of Music.’ The church includes a 140-member of senior men’s choir, a youth choir, and a multi-cultural choir. From hundreds of nations, most people gather here to worship together every week. From feeding the homeless in New York City to staffing an orphanage in South Africa – congregational volunteers participate in more than forty ministries. While a remarkable power in Times Square Church is aiding the underprivileged.

Booking time for Gospel Choir: – 10 am and 6 pm only on Sunday services, 7 pm on Tuesday, and 7 pm Thursday prayer meetings.

Brooklyn Tabernacle 

A multi-racial, non-denominational house of God has been established in midtown, Brooklyn. The 280-voice Brooklyn Tabernacle is renowned and has won several Grammy awards for its recordings. This holistic space is generally praised for its infectious, natural spirit. Materially, it seems to be a concert venue. You won’t see typical church pews instead of seats like in a Broadway theatre, a large screen hanging on the wall behind the set, and several TV screens all around the house.

Booking time for Gospel Choir: – Sunday 9 am -12 pm, & 3 pm.

Want to perceive the most genuine Harlem Gospel choir tickets? Then, ensure these rules straightforwardly.

Try to locate small churches to witness a live jazz gospel service! The most excellent alternative is to walk on the streets of Harlem and take a look into any random little churches. You will always get a warm greet. Try to attend the early morning services. The earlier you arrive, the less crowd you are going to experience. Dodge yourself out from organized tours. The best way to combine mass is being in a small group.

For the most part, filming and taking pictures inside the church is off limits unless you’re well hidden or among tourists, truly it will be not recommended by us. Sing, clap and hug each other as much as you can! – It’s going to be a remarkable experience.

You’ll quickly notice that the participants are very friendly, and they usually don’t hesitate to come and see you during a little celebration of friendship. It is a real deal. Open your eyes and ears because you are going to experience a great moment of joy.

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