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Get more cards and new rewards with the Capital One Near Me

Capital One Near Me

There are some offers below that are no longer available according to TPG. 

The launch of Capital One Near Me portal in 2021 surprised us. With several meaningful changes since its launch in beta mode, the Capital One credit card rewards portal offers Capital One credit card holders a direct way to use their rewards toward travel without transferring to travel partners. As well as updates to flight search features, cash-back credit cards are now included.

Our coverage of the travel portal should be updated to reflect these changes, as it includes some money- and time-saving features that assist users in finding the best prices and securing inexpensive travel insurance.

We’ll walk you through the steps to book travel using Capital One’s portal in this guide.

What are the benefits of using the Capital One travel portal?

Credit card issuers often offer bonus rewards when cardholders use their travel portals – sometimes in the range of 5-10 points or miles per dollar spent.

 In spite of the fact that this bonus multiplier may seem intriguing, many travelers know that booking through an online booking site can often be frustrating, especially when dealing with inefficient customer service or a clunky interface.

For example, Amex travel portals and Chase Ultimate Rewards portals have their respective quirks and challenges. Many cardholders avoid booking through third parties because of higher prices on these sites and strict cancellation policies.

A popular app for predicting flight and hotel prices, Hopper, is integrated into Capital One’s service. According to Capital One, Hopper’s access to billions of data points helps it predict prices with an accuracy rate of 95%, which helps users decide when to book. Among the other features designed to make the customer experience more pleasant are:

If a flight’s price drops after ticketing (within a set period of time), you’ll receive a partial refund according to the portal’s predictive technology.

By adding customer support staff, the issuer also plans to reduce long phone hold times.

Additionally, two paid add-ons are available for users.

A cardholder may choose to purchase cancellation-for-any-reason (CFAR) coverage for his or her flight, which is of particular interest given recent airline operational meltdowns and ongoing outbreaks. Your ticket price will be refunded 70-90% if you cancel your flight up to three hours before departure. You will be informed of the exact amount at the time of purchasing the service, which can vary depending on the booking.

Cardholders can also pay for price freeze protection, which freezes a price they see on the portal for a maximum of 14 days. You might just be able to convince hesitant travelers to make that purchase if you know you won’t miss out on a great deal.

Depending on what flights you’re considering, you may find that the price for both of these services varies. Your travel dates, the route, and how far in advance you book can all influence the price. Flights departing within 36 hours are also not eligible for price freezes.

There is also a limit to the price freeze protection feature. In the screen that appears when you choose to freeze the price, the limit will be clearly stated. You would have to pay the difference if the price of your flights increased beyond that limit.

Capital One’s travel portal: How to access it

Travel portal access was initially restricted to cards earning miles. These products were included:

Flight booking instructions

The Capital One travel portal allows you to search one-way and round-trip flights by logging into your account and hovering over the “Flights” tab. Choose the city where you would like to depart and arrive.

There’s more to selecting departure and return dates than just choosing the dates that are convenient for you. Capital One offers the familiar, color-coded interface of Hopper, allowing you to identify the cheapest dates.

The catalog of options will appear once you’ve selected your dates. The following is an example itinerary I created based on a round-trip flight between Santa Ana, California (SNA) and Chicago-area airports.

Among the parameters you can narrow based on the results page are:

It’s worth mentioning a few other features as well. A price prediction tool appears above all of the options with a clear message on whether or not to book.

Capital One promises that if you book now and the price drops within 10 days, you’ll get back up to $50 of the difference if you book now.

When better prices become available, you’ll receive emails notifying you whenever they become available, 24/7. In this feature, you can view routes and dates, but not particular flights.

Choosing the right fare class is the next step.

The basic economy class on Delta Air Lines differs from the basic economy class on. United Airlines, as the latter doesn’t allow carry-on bags (only personal items). In addition, fare classes have different cancellation policies.

All airlines have benefitted from Capital One’s efforts to standardize classes. You’ll see these labels when searching through Capital One Travel:

You’ll be provided with a detailed breakdown of what to expect on your flight once you’ve selected your desired flight. Compared to booking directly with the airline. This is probably one of the most comprehensive sets of details on any travel portal. With exact seat measurements, aircraft layout, power outlets, and even if there is lounge access included.

It’s also easy and quick to make a payment. If you have TSA Precheck or Global Entry, enter your frequent-flier numbers and Known Traveler Numbers.

The Venture card allows me to apply my miles at 1 cent each to purchases. Use your Venture credit card instead if you’d like to save your miles for later by pressing. Do not apply my rewards”.

There are also the add-ons mentioned above that can be purchased during the booking process: cancellation for any reason and price freeze. In addition to factors like trip costs, how far in advance you book, whether the price is considered “low” or “high,” these features will vary in price.

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