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The camping on the Kanatal Dhanaulti Blog

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There are some weekends away from Delhi that aren’t in the minds of many travelers and are therefore not crowded. One of them is Kanatal 38 kilometers away from Mussoorie. Kanatal is a serene and picturesque village hidden in the Himalayas and surrounded by forests. It is perfect for camping weekends and adventures in the gorgeous mountains of Uttarakhand.

Campsites at Kanatal is a subject that is full of adventure and tranquility It all depends on what you wish to leave behind. Mountain climbing, trekking as well as abseiling among the more thrilling activities you can do in Kanatal. Stargazing is a great option for those who want complete peace and the excitement of nature. Here’s everything you require to know about a camping trip in Kanatal from how to reach the place and the ideal timing to go to to what you’ll need to camp in Kanatal and how to enjoy the experience.

How can I get to Kanatal from Delhi How do I reach Kanatal from Delhi?

Around 300 kilometers from Delhi, Kanatal is well connected to cities across India via rail, air and road.

By Air:

Jolly Grant Airport is the closest airport to Kanatal located just 90 kilometers away. It is possible to hire taxis or take the bus to Kanatal and the trip should take three hours. There are numerous flights departing from delhi. The total flight time between Delhi and Kanatal from Delhi is 4 hours.

By Road:

The roads leading to Kanatal are among the most beautiful and also the most economical. Because the roads are maintained there isn’t any major issues along the way. If you’re traveling by bus and want to travel by bus, you can choose of choosing either luxury or regular buses. Take a bus to Mussoorie, Dehradun or Haridwar and after reaching it, take another taxi or bus to get to Kanatal.

Total time of travel up to Kanatal from Delhi via road time: 8.30 hours, 30 mins


The nearest railway stations to Kanatal are Dehradun and Rishikesh with both 78 and 76 kilometers respectively. Both stations are connected to cities and towns of North India and other parts. The ability to get a bus or taxi is easy at any station.

The total travel time from Delhi to Kanatal from Delhi via train Time taken to travel from Delhi by train: 12 hours

The best time to camp in Kanatal The best time to camp in Kanatal is:

Kanatal welcomes visitors with stunning temperatures all year long. Therefore, the most ideal timing to travel to Kanatal is at any time you wish.

Summer (March between March and June) The weather is comfortable with the temperature reaching 28 , Celsius. But, at night, it are cool, so be sure to wear warm woolens.

Winter (October from October to February) Winter in Kanatal is magic! The entire region is covered in snow, and looks like the winter landscape you’ve always have always wanted to see. If you’re visiting during this time, make sure to stay warm by wearing winter clothes.

Monsoon (July from July to September) Monsoons are usually accompanied by torrential rain showers. It is also the time when you will see Kanatal’s valley blooming. Landslides are among the issues, and therefore monsoon may not be the best time to camp in Kanatal.

Camping in Kanatal Recommended full-day itinerary Kanatal, a recommended full-day itinerary

The camping experience in Kanatal is about adventure, stunning landscapes and nights that include music and fire. The entire experience is rejuvenating and the cherry on the top is that it are able to experience it on weekends. Here is a suggested plan for a two-day getaway.

Day 0: Depart Delhi:-

The duration to travel from Delhi to Kanatal is approximately 8-9 hours. It is suggested to make an overnight drive in case you intend to stay in Kanatal. If you depart around 9pm and arrive at 9pm, the traffic is less and you won’t need to sacrifice on your sleep.

Day 1. A day devoted to fire and adventure

You’ll be able to wind through the hills and observe the sunrise right from your window. If the sun goes out and is shining, it will be at your camp site. You can decide to put up a tent, or opt for a tented lodging. Camp Carnival is among the top camps here.

Day 2: Water Sports Extravaganza near Tehri Dam

Your camping trip in Kanatal will end today. You will say goodbye to your camp in the morning, after the delicious breakfast. Before you head back to Delhi take a break for around an hour by Tehri Dam. Tehri Dam, the tallest dam in India. If you’re still looking to be a bit more exuberant, water sports await you.

Cost estimate for camping in Kanatal

If you’re thinking of visiting Kanatal for a camping trip (1 night , 2 days) It is possible to pay INR 4000-5000 per person. The travel cost covers accommodation food, activities, and transportation facilities.

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