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The Quick Perks of a Facial Massage You cannot Miss


There always emerges a stage during most facial treatments where you are soothed into such a blissful state of relaxation that you naturally sleep for a few minutes. But during this time, you are still reaping all the magnificent anti-aging perks.

The way your rest of your body needs some workout or comforting, facial muscles demand proper exercise to keep you looking absolutely younger. And if you don’t want to put efforts yourself for that then try out Facial massage Spa in Cunningham Road. Let the experts give your face the massage that it craves for!

If you are not sure about getting a facial massage then this post will get you a quick idea why you should. After all, apart from being anti-aging, such a thing helps you in manifold manners.

Relieves your tension

Once the muscles on your face tense up, they are more probable to harbour wrinkles, that is the reason they require to be massaged out regularly. All it takes is one to just two minutes per day to relax. However, keep in mind that the duration of time for a proper facial massage required relying on your skin type. For oily and even acne-prone skin, it is finest to keep it to under ten minutes. In case skin has a normal to even dry complexion, no longer than twenty minutes is essential (too much stimulation may head to breakouts). Of course, if in a spa, the professionals therein would give you the massage that is perfect for your facial needs.

And remember that when you do massage your face, employ different types of techniques: try soft tapping and then pinching motion, make sure that you do not pull at the skin, starting from the within of the face and working your way out. Always massage your face in an upward circular motion.  The point is you need to work against gravity so that all the things goes up.

Works like a natural facelift

Stimulating the overall face muscles with frequent massage helps to bring oxygen to that area. That is a natural form of anti-aging skin care in itself.  More blood flow to the zone increases collagen production that gives a healthy and natural glow to the overall complexion. 

Boosts the overall circulation

Just like how you may massage a tender shoulder or even back, your face muscles need the same TLC. Increase blood and even oxygen flow to the face by properly massaging the soft lines around the mouth, eyes and even your brows.

It would be nice if you start upward, Massage the neck and décolletage area. Mildly working toward the forehead and inclining to the pressure points along the way. Be confident to concentrate on the delicate skin around your eye area with gentle sort of circular motions. And after you step out of a hot shower, splash cold water against the skin. The contrast even aids to stimulate blood circulation.


To sum up , check out Facial Spa in Cunningham Road and visit there for your facial massages. You surely will find it absolutely effective!

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