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Tips To Keep Your Garden Bug Free

Garden Bug

If you have a Garden Bug in your house, you must know that pests can be a massive issue for your plants and other vegetation. After investing so much time in growing your plants, it is painful to see them destroyed by other pests like bugs. However, specific fruits and vegetables grow in your garden; some might even feed on the leaves of different plants. Since your garden is in an open environment, it might be challenging to protect your plants from every intruder in the way. While you might not be able to keep a constant watch, you can set some traps or preventative measures that restrict pests from entering your garden or at least not destroy the vegetation there. 

So before you start gardening, look for all the possible ways pests can enter and block them. Nevertheless, if you are struggling with a bug in your garden, you must call a pest control Austin service as soon as possible. 

Tips to keep your garden bug free 


Aphids are often the most common garden pest found in backyards and places with plenty of vegetation. However, identifying aphids in the beginning might be a bit confusing as they come in different colors. However, if you remember their shape, size, and body texture, it is quicker to identify an aphid infestation in your garden. These insects are mostly small in size and have soft bodies. These two traits can help you detect an aphid infestation. 

Aphids not only hammer your plant alone, but they also produce a sticky substance on the plant’s surface, which can attract other pests to it. This will increase the pest infestation in your garden, resulting in weaker and rotten plants. In addition, it will also affect any vegetable flowers or fruits the plants produce.

The best way to deal with aphids is prevention. Since these pests are tiny and travel in large quantities, they can be music in your garden. It is highly challenging to get rid of aphids without any expert help. So there are only two ways to ensure your garden does not suffer from a pest infestation. One is you must avoid all possible ways they can enter your garden, and another option is calling a pest control service if the pest has spread all over your garden.

Spider mites 

Spider mites are one of the worst bugs or pests in a garden. These tiny pests are almost invisible to the naked eye; however, the damage they cause is quite prominent. Spider mites feed on the plant, resulting in yellow and dry leaves. 

Once the leaves become yellow and dry, they will eventually fall off, destroying the overall health of your plants. 

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