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Top Food & Hangout Places That Make Your Thailand Trip Awesome

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Thailand is highly known for its beautiful culture and traditions, and the main attraction of Thailand is places that every tourist should visit once in their life. It offers blissful beaches, royal palaces, ancient & historical places, vibrant nightlife, and delicious food.

The place is a charm among the people, as they like it home for many beautiful Thai products and small flea markets are highly in demand. Thailand is famous for its Thai religion, where the local people respect their culture and never disrespect or abuse the visitors. This is one of the main reasons why people like this place and the people of Thailand.

Despite being a major tourist destination, Thailand retains its traditional integrity, which offers historical monasteries, coral reef & underwater activities, flea markets, and buddha monks.

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Top Thai Food Places 

Pochana 55

This is one of the best Chinese Thai food restaurants, which is located in Thailand city Bangkok. The dishes are top level, which gives you a delightful taste and makes you eager to revisit this place. The dishes are Duck pad kra pow, fried holy basil leaves, fried beef, and Cowslip Creeper Flower. These are all prepared with great ingredients like fried meat with chili, garlic with black pepper, and rich gravy. 

Pe Aor

This is a perfect place for people who like various food dishes, as it offers more than 30 dishes, which makes your experience wonderful. This place is also good if you like Tom Yum, as it offers top-notch seafood. The ingredients used in the dishes are prawns, lobster, squid, and mussels, which make the dishes so yummy. One dish contains a large bowl of creamy soup and rice noodles made with prawns and eggs. The dishes are affordable, so you visit this place with your friends and family.

Soei Restaurant

This place frequently changes its place, but it never compromises with its taste and the things people are eager to visit. The locals and the tourists very demand the food. The Soei restaurant is located in the city of Bangkok, which is famous for its spicy foods, and they also serve seafood like spicy shrimp salad and ceviche prawns. Moreover, the Thai food of this place is also very delicious as they serve fried mackerel cheeks. This place is considered one of the best places in Thailand. 

Jae Oh

This place is located on national stadium BTS, as this place is a Michelin celebrated restaurant. They serve ultimate Thai food, Mumma noodles with Tom yum soup, and yummy seafood, which are delicious. One more authentic dish they offer is Pork balls, which will make your visit exquisite and unforgettable.

Top must Visit Places 


This place was once the capital of Thailand and was very historical. You may witness many old and historic temples, monuments, and places in Sukhothai national park. This place is located in the northern part of Thailand, and it is divided into multiple parts where each offers different excavated temples, monuments, buddha figures, and chedis. One of the most famous temples of Sukhothai is Wat mahathat, which is lovely because of its lotus-shaped stupa and standing Buddha. You may also witness one more figure of a sitting Buddha, which is around 50 feet tall in the middle of the park, the Wat Si Chum pavilion.

You may also witness beautiful lakes where you witness stunning pink flowers, which enhance the park’s beauty. With sunken moats and lush greenery of gardens, there are many other beautiful artifacts and objects in the park of Sukhothai. 


This place once was a quiet and small village in northern Thailand, but now it has become the flourishing town of Mae Hong Son Loop. This place offers you a calm atmosphere and a photogenic vibe around its beautiful view. It is the main attraction of many tourists and backpackers who want to witness the tranquil experience of this place. 

Due to the higher rate of tourists visiting this place, resorts and hotels have increasing accommodation facilities with bars, restaurants, and small flea markets. So you can visit there and get good availability of these services. There are many adventurous activities you can go for from Pai, like trekking tours to the hills tribes of Lahu and Karen. 

Chiang Rai

This is one of the northern places of Thailand, where you witness museums that exhibit local heritage. This place is famous for its golden triangle, which contains three borders of Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand. You witness the fantastic nightlife, which looks lovely by its neon and colorful light on the markets and outside the street. Plus, you can see the large crowd at night as daytime is pretty quiet, and people are on tours or trips.

You can also visit the Saun Mai Ngam park, which is filled with the lush greenery of gardens with trees and flowers. This is the perfect place to attend the flower festival, and the market at night bring absolute joy to your trip as it offers top-level souvenirs, handicraft, and authentic Thailand items. On the Loas border, which is outside from Chiang Mai, you witness the long gate of Siam.


In addition, these are unique food places that are delightful with must-visit places where you witness the beauty of Thailand. So if you plan a trip to get the best Thai food and seafood, which come at a budget price, choose the Thailand option blindly. You will get an unbelievable Thailand tour package from Mumbai and Delhi that saves you expenses in accommodation, food charges, and transportation & tickets. 

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