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UPVC Stable Doors: A Comprehensive Guide!


With the varied range of door options available, it’s pretty natural to get overwhelmed with what to choose. However, when it comes to choosing external or front doors, nothing can be as versatile as uPVC Stable doors. Resilience and viability are the two attributes that made Stable doors increasingly prominent over the last few years. Whether a traditional or contemporary property, a stable door is a perfect fit! 

On top of all, choosing uPVC material for stable doors makes it the best pick. Stable doors made out of uPVC material are strong, highly durable, and energy-efficient doors. Besides, these external doors are available in a plethora of colors and finishes. What’s more, pick a color and finish for your uPVC stable door based on your preference, personality, home interiors, and budget. 

But, before you make the final purchase, read this blog till the end. Here, we have outlined everything that you should know about stable doors made up of uPVC. Now without any ado, let’s start with what exactly is a stable door.

Stable Doors: Overview

Although stable doors are quite similar to standard doors, there’s a slight difference between the two. While standard doors come in a single frame, stable doors are split into top and bottom sections. Both the sections can open and close independently. You may lock the bottom section while keeping the top section of the door open and vice versa.

Or you may even open, close, or lock both the door sections together just like a standard door. That’s the beauty and key selling point of stable doors. When it comes to design, many manufacturers keep the top and bottom sections of stable doors equally sized. However, it’s something that can be adjusted as per your household needs; you may opt for customized stable doors with one section larger than the other. 

Ideal Use of Stable Doors

uPVC stable doors are ideally used as external doors or front doors. Hence, you may place these doors either at the entrance of your home or in the backyards. If you want better ventilation within your home, consider installing stable doors at the back of your house. This will let in more fresh air into your home. 

Are uPVC doors better than composite stable doors?

The difference between uPVC and composite stable doors lies in their composition. uPVC or Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride is a robust and lightweight vinyl material. uPVC stable doors usually comprise a core of dense polystyrene and vacuum pressed door panels, coated with a uPVC frame on the outer layer.

On the contrary, composite doors are multi-layered doors, made out of a combination of different materials. Composite stable doors comprise resilient Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) with a solid foam at the center and a timber frame with uPVC banding. 

Both the doors offer the same benefits – high energy efficiency, durability, long lifespan, low maintenance, varied styles & colors, glazed options, and alluring finishes. However, uPVC doors are still considered better than composite stable doors as they are easier to produce, come in high-quality finishes, and are more affordable than the latter. 

Benefits of Installing uPVC Stable Doors

Installing uPVC stable doors have a multitude of advantages.

  • Durability: uPVC doors are sturdier and more durable than wooden stable doors. Once you install uPVC doors in your home, rest assured that you need not require to replace them frequently. uPVC doors are long-lasting and resilient to extreme weather conditions, thus, they never lose their shape.
  • Thermal Efficiency: uPVC doors are widely popular for their insulating properties. They not only keep houses warm during winters but also prevent noises from entering the rooms. 
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike wooden doors, uPVC doors never corrode, rot, rust, or fade. Hence, these doors are easy to clean and maintain. They just need occasional wipe-down, that’s it.
  • Ventilation: Stable doors made out of uPVC allows better airflow into the house. Besides, uPVC is highly resilient to water, fire, and air. This makes uPVC doors a perfect fit for all weather conditions. 
  • Termite-Free: Unlike wooden doors that get damaged by termites, uPVC doors are termite-free. This means that you don’t need to keep an eye on your doors or spent money on repellants to get rid of termites. 
  • Customizable:  Technological advancements have resulted in homeowners being able to personalize their uPVC doors based on their household requirements. Today, uPVC doors are available in varied colors, finishes, and patterns. 

Bottom Line

Although you may consider installing a French door, Cottage door, Georgian front door, or Patio door at the entrance of your home, nothing can beat a uPVC stable door. This multi-purpose door can be a perfect solution to enhance the elegance and security of your home. There’s a growing demand for this door product just because of its aesthetic appeal and versatility.  

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