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What will the elite status of United Airlines Flight Status

United Airlines Flight Status

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Note from The Points Guy:

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Many factors must be considered when choosing an airline to earn most (or all) of your business.

If you’ve crunched the numbers, do you really know whether your current carrier makes the most sense for your travel patterns and your wallet? Fee waivers, upgrades, lounge access and other valuable perks can make your travel experience less stressful.

In this guide, I’ll delve into the benefits provided at each elite status level of one of the major U.S. carriers to determine how well it rewards loyal flyers. Each benefit will be valued specifically in the process.

When it comes to pursuing Premier status with United, how rewarding can the MileagePlus program be? The next step is to examine it in more detail.

This is a United Boeing 777-200ER. This photo was taken by Kyle Olsen/The Points Guy.

Here are a couple of disclaimers before we discuss United elite status tiers.

In the first place, it’s important to note that these mathematical analyses provide just one way to calculate what an elite status level would be worth.

People value loyalty programs differently;

Some may always purchase first and business class United Airlines Flight Status and do not need complimentary upgrades, while others may only travel within the United States and are not interested in free lounge access on international flights. To make the numbers you use more relevant to you, feel free to adjust them.

Second, these numbers are based on the benefits you’d receive if you reached the given status level and continued to qualify each subsequent year. Since the first few flights you take won’t provide any benefits, these values will be skewed if you are starting from scratch. At the end of the post, I provide some analysis for those of you who are in that position.

In light of this analysis, I would like to discuss the third and final critical component: the assumptions I’m making. In order to figure out the value for benefits, I need to assume that a certain amount of flying will occur and that a corresponding amount of spending will result.

It’s important to note that United Airlines Flight Status changed its status award process in 2020. There is no longer a factor based on distance flown. Alternatively, you can spend a certain amount of money (Premier qualifying points, or PQPs) or fly a certain number of segments (Premier qualifying flights, or PQFs).

I am making the following assumptions in order to conduct this analysis:

  • PQFs and PQPs combine to give you United Premier status.
  • For each status level, you earn 10% more PQPs than is required.
  • To earn a given status level, you must complete a minimum number of PQFs.
  • In order to qualify for United Premier status, at least four of your PQFs must be operated by United or United Express.

Depending on your travel patterns, you may need to adjust these numbers. While some domestic road warriors who purchase low-fare economy tickets may require dozens of PQFs to hit Silver PQP requirements, those who travel in paid first or business class internationally will likely earn more PQPs across fewer PQFs.

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I evaluated United miles at 1.21 cents per mile for this analysis using TPG’s most recent valuation, which pegs them at 1.21 cents. The individual benefit valuations will also be rounded up to the nearest five dollars.

Thus, we need to determine the value of each United Premier status tier. We have analyzed the following:

The United Premier Silver package costs $495.

Economy Plus access is complimentary for United Premier Silver flyers, but only during check-in. The Points Guy/Zach Honig (Photo)

Premier Silver status is United Airlines Flight Status lowest tier, which requires eight PQFs plus 3,000 PQPs, or just 3,500 PQPs. Based on my analysis, I’ll assume you earn 3,800 PQPs (a total of $3,800) plus take at least eight PQFs to qualify.

Let’s hit the friendly skies with all that said.

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The United Premier Gold package costs $1,635

The first-class meal on United Airlines’ domestic flights. The Points Guy/Kyle Olsen.

To qualify for Premier Gold status in United, you must have at least 16 PQFs plus 6,000 PQPs, or 7,000 PQPs. My calculations assume that you earn 6,600 PQPs (so spending $6,600 in total) and take at least 16 PQFs to meet hybrid qualification requirements.

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$2,895 for United Premier Platinum

A round-trip upgrade from economy to Premium Plus is available to Premier Platinum members using their 40 PlusPoints. This photo was taken by Kyle Olsen/The Points Guy.

To achieve Premier Platinum status in MileagePlus, you need a minimum of 24 PQFs and 9,000 PQPs, or 10,000 PQPs. To satisfy the hybrid qualification criteria, I’ll use 10,400 PQPs (i.e., a total of $10,400 in spend) plus 24 PQFs.

Adding more entree options to pre-order meals at United

$7,725 for United Premier 1K

With 320 PlusPoints, Premier 1K members can upgrade from economy class to Polaris business class eight times in a year. This photo was taken by Kyle Olsen/The Points Guy.

For MileagePlus Premier 1K status, you must earn at least 36 PQFs and 13,500 PQPs, which is 15,000 PQPs. To ensure you meet the hybrid qualification criteria. I will base my calculations on earning 15,600 PQPs (or spending $15,600 total) plus taking at least 36 PQFs.

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